Yes, it works, partially. It's still being brought back online.

Please, please, be patient, I'm going to se if I can find the backups from several years ago and restore everything, since (from the server logs) it looks as if there is still an interest in some of the files. In particular, the parker and staendebuch directories, as well as Liam's Sportsmen's pages, if I can find them, will be restored.

UPDATE, 14 Sept 2011

Found most of the Compendium, most of the Staendebuch, and most of Tasha's old home directory. Still looking for the last bits. I have several backup versions of this to go through, so it might be possible to get those last little pieces.

I need to be certain that everyone knows that this is NO LONGER anything at all whatsoever (Am I getting this across yet?) to do with the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc., the Middle Kingdom, or the defunct Shire of Far Reaches. It's all my own stuff, blame none other if there's any problem. The domain name has been mine, registered and paid for every year out of my own pocket without ever any recompense from anyone, including the SCA, the Midrealm, or the Shire.